How Any Small Business Owner Can Extend Profits By Claiming Back Tax

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published on: 11 September 2023 last updated on: 12 September 2023

Owning a small business offers so many opportunities.

Gone are the days of having to work for someone else and listen to outdated thinking and not being fully appreciated. It’s a chance to implement strategies and ways of doing things that have been thought about while bored and looking to break away and being able to treat any employees in the best possible way.

It’s a chance to shape one’s own destiny by working whatever hours are in demand, but also being able to take time off when it’s convenient rather than when someone else makes the decision.

Benefits Of Hiring An Expert For Watching Out Taxes

Of course, finding a product or service that is in demand is a good start that can help the finances grow. Another prudent decision is to enlist the services of one of the best small business tax advisors, who will assist in making an even greater profit at the end of the financial year.

Prolonged Expertise

An immediate advantage of bringing in a professional to take care of the books and offer advice is that they aren’t guessing. They know exactly what they are doing and will save time, money, and stress while guaranteeing that everything remains on the right side of the law.

They will use their vast experience to reclaim every possible cent to offer increased health to the bottom line.

Hands-On Experience In Dealing With Multiple Operations

It is possible to find a company with over 30 years of such experience assisting small businesses, some of whom have gone on to expand and become part of the band of operations that keeps Australia running.

Some who declined such assistance fell by the wayside and are no longer in existence. The smart ones may also have looked at boosting their online presence by using comprehensive marketing services.

Reliable Solutions

Those in NSW can benefit from the experience of an advisor in Sydney who provides the best possible customer service and knows what their clients require.

They deliver reliable and comprehensive service that can also handle any financial issues involving employees, taking the pressure away from an owner who may find it too complex. It offers businesses a professional outlook that will impress those working there and clients alike.

Intervening In State and Federal Tax Matters

Federal and state tax matters will be dealt with, many of which can be confusing and see large sums handed over to the authorities that are not required if dealt with in-house.

It’s hard enough to make a profit, so why should some of the hard-earned cash be given away unnecessarily? Especially when it could be spent instead of having fun at a family entertainment center.

Tips For Entrepreneurs To Save Taxes

It is significant for both business owners and entrepreneurs to pay taxes on whatever revenue their venture generates. This can either be a small amount or a considerable sum. Income tax has to be one of the most complicated things to comprehend. If you are a budding entrepreneur, here are some tips that will help you to save tax:

Hire Somebody You Already Know

If you are hiring somebody you already know, say a family member or a close acquaintance, you are most likely to reduce taxes. They can either be hired full-time or as a freelancer. 

In case the family member whom you hire has no other source of income, then the company might pay them $2,500 each year. This ensures that they are not liable to pay income taxes. 

Accommodation & Travelling

Traveling to multiple places for business purposes is a common endeavor for entrepreneurs. This is usually done when the entrepreneur has extensive branches across various cities. 

If you want to save taxes, you can book your accommodation and travel tickets at the expense of the company and not from your personal account. This is most likely a business expense that should be deducted from its taxable income. 

Make Marketing Investments

Are you still using the conventional methods of marketing? It might be the right time for you to switch to digital marketing- a way to reach out to more prospective consumers. 

Not only does it open new doors of opportunities, but it also maximizes the possibility of looking for new consumers. This also has its own set of advantages from the tax opinion, as marketing expenses are ideal for tax deductions. 

Medical Insurance

Claiming premiums upto $2,500 that are paid for medical insurance is possible under the Income Tax Act’s Section 80D. Under this, you might cover your children, parents, and spouse. 

However, medical insurance is no longer applicable if you own a startup along with a full-time job where the employer is already providing medical insurance coverage. 


Industries functioning in the manufacturing sector are usually provided with additional tax advantages. Companies installing new machinery and equipment might claim an additional 20% depreciation. 

For instance, suppose you have bought a new machinery where you have claimed normal 15% deprecation. On not claiming an additional 20% depreciation, you have to pay taxes on this unclaimed 20%. 

Inventory Valuation

Stocks are generally valued at price. But what if it is a shorter shelf duration? In such a circumstance, it can be valued on the NRV or principle of cost- whichever is low. 

The main job of NRV is to prevent your stocks from becoming overvalued, which will eventually reduce taxes. However, this practice should be consistent in order to mitigate the risks of undue attention from the IT authorities.

Wrapping It Up 

Complicated self-managed super funds can be looked after, which will see increased revenue for trustees being accrued as tax payments are reduced. Confidential high-level advice can see confidence grow and budgets being planned properly to maximize income each year when in the hands of professionals.

Why should any Australian small business owner pay more tax than they are required to? A tax advisor will help claim back whatever is possible to assist the balance sheet of those who have earned the money.

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