How Criminal Lawyers Represent People Charged With Crime

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Criminal Lawyers

If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime in Atlanta, it’s important to get legal representation immediately. That can open the door to knowledge, reassurance, and protection.

There are a variety of defenses available to fight criminal charges in Georgia, each tailored to the specific circumstances. It is critical to retain an experienced attorney who can mount the strongest defense possible.

Know Your Rights

If you’re facing criminal charges, you need a competent lawyer. The legal system can be overwhelming and you want an attorney who will fight for your rights throughout the case.

Atlanta Criminal Lawyers can help you understand your rights and the penalties for various crimes. They can also help you determine if there are any defenses that may apply to your case.

It is important to know that prosecutors in Georgia are highly motivated to get a conviction and will work hard to find ways to do so. However, a good criminal defense attorney will be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to try and lower your charges to misdemeanors.


If you’ve been charged with a crime, you have a right to consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. This is important because it allows you to discuss your case and plan the best strategy for your defense.

Consultation can help you understand your rights, how to build your case, and whether to plead guilty or go to trial. A skilled lawyer will help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

If you are facing criminal charges in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s essential that you retain an experienced and effective attorney as soon as possible. A delay in hiring a defense attorney can have a significant impact on your case and the outcome of your trial.


Discovery is the process where a criminal defendant gets access to all of the evidence against them before the trial. This includes police reports, witness statements, and video footage.

A defendant is also allowed to get scientific reports, such as forensic tests. They can also request medical examinations if they are relevant to their case.

Discovery is a key aspect of the legal process that requires expertise, skill, and experience. That’s why you should hire a top Georgia criminal lawyer to help you.

Motions Hearing

Motion hearings are one of the most important parts of the criminal justice process. They are a critical step as your case moves forward, and how your attorney decides to use them can determine the outcome of your trial.

Motions are written requests asking the court to take a specific action in a case. They must contain a statement of undisputed facts and legal arguments analyzing the evidence against you.

A judge usually considers motions based on the written contents alone. However, some motions require a hearing and must be presented to the court in person before a decision can be made.


The trial is a term used in law to describe a hearing where evidence is presented and a final decision is made. It can be a civil proceeding, or it can be in a criminal context, where a judge and jury determine if an accused person is guilty of a crime.

Atlanta Criminal Lawyers can help you through this process by protecting your rights and ensuring that you get the best possible outcome. Whether you’re facing a minor offense or a serious felony, your attorney will fight for you every step of the way.

If you’re found guilty of a crime, you will have a criminal record that can have serious consequences for your future. For instance, it can negatively affect your chances of getting a job.

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