What Is Linear Communication Model? Things You Need To Know About It


Linear Communication Model

The Linear communication model is a one-way communication model devoid of any feedback process.  This particular type of communication model involves a sender and a receiver.  The sender sends the message through a specific medium to the receiver, and the receiver captures and makes sense of the linear data.

The Process Of Linear Communication Model

• Preparing the information • Decide on a channel • Recipient and their senses • Decoding the information

Benefits Of Linear Communication Model

• The encoding process can influence the advertisement message, which is linear communication.  • The process will help the business profit. The process is not as complicated as interactive and transactional communication models. • Since the medium of the linear communication model does not provide the receiver the ability to feedback, it is the best way to send information.

Examples Of Linear Communication

– A live news broadcast. – A speech through the radio. – It can be a memo or notice directed to a specific group of people. – A newspaper advertisement or a social media advertisement can also be seen as an example of such modes of communion.