One of the top French beauty brands which found fame in the mid 20th century is still failing to be a conscientious brand in the 21st century. Still going the age old way to inflict pain on innocent beings.


Shocked to see this name in the list? Although they claim to be cruelty free, we can easily debunk these claims from their sale in China. They are still providing funds to third-party testers to test their products on animals.

Jhonson & Jhonson

Another company which employes nearly 8000 employees in China. Although, the country is trying to reform their animal-cruelty laws, animal testing on children products are still mandetory.


Another name you wouldn't expect on the list. Although their products are phenomenal, it comes with a price. After all, how can they claim to be cruelty free when they admit to appoint third-party to test on animals.

La Mer

Yes, the luxery comes with a price. Afterall, a conscientious consumer might not mind spending $100 moisturizer if they are not testing on innocent beings. Unfortunately, they are!