The UNO Wild Card: Everything You Need To Know

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UNO Wild Card

A standard UNO wild card can help you be at the helm of things while playing the game. There will be four such cards in every UNO deck, each with a circle divided into green, yellow, blue, and red sections. 

Unlike many other special cards, the UNO standard wild card can be placed on a card of any color. These cards have the highest worth, with 50 points each, and you can even end a game with a wild card. 

So, if you are an avid UNO player, here you will find all the things you need to know about this special card. 

Standard UNO Wild Card: The Most Powerful Of All

You can place a standard UNO wild card on the card of any color and decide which color will be chosen for the game further. If you place the standard wild card at the beginning of a game, the player sitting next to you will have to start playing the game with the color you have suggested.

Now, changing color frequently is one of the best tricks if you want to win the game, and you can do that with a standard wild card without matching colors. There is a rule of probability behind this trick.

Usually, there are chances of getting cards of every shade in equal numbers. I am referring to the number of cards you already have in your hands and that you will be drawing during the course of the game. So, there are high chances of having a mixed bag in your hands.

If you have more than one wild card in your hand and you keep changing the color at opportune moments, you will need to draw the least number of cards. 

Again, it’s a smart practice to get your opponents confused and get an edge. They will fail to gauge the colors you have in your hands. 

UNO Wild Card Rules

UNO Wild Card Rules

A standard UNO wild card is representative of all four colors you have in your cards. According to Mattel, the maker of the UNO game, it is the card that can change the color of cards being played at present.

Players can also place the standard wild card when they have other cards in their hands. Further, one can even play the card at the beginning of the play, allowing the player sitting left to the dealer to start the game with the chosen color. 

The UNO wild card rules are apparently pretty simple. But despite the presence of official rules, players usually face some common concerns while playing a standard wild card.

I have reached out to some regular UNO players and tried to figure out the problems. Here are some questions and answers aiming to solve these problems.

Can A Game Be Ended With A UNO Wild Card?

Yes, you can place your UNO wild card to end your game. The official UNO rules never say anything against it. 

So, you can hoard the wild card as long as you want and place it on any colored card to finish your game. However, it’s only possible if your turn is not skipped.

Having said, hoarding the standard wild card for the last can bring a little tricky at times. The card is worth 50 points. So, if your opponent calls “UNO” before you, you will likely lose the game, with your cards adding up to a higher number. 

Can I Place A Standard UNO Wild Card On Another Wild Card?

Yes, you can place a UNO wild card on another wild card, provided you are not playing two cards at the same time. The official UNO rules do not allow a player to play more than one card at once.

If the player before you has placed a wild card, you can play the wild card you have on it. 

Additional UNO Wild Cards

So far, you have a brief idea about the standard UNO wild card. Along with these four standard wild cards, you will also find wild draw 2 cards, wild draw 4 cards, blank or customizable wild cards, and wild shuffle hand cards. 

Let’s get familiar with them.

Blank Wild Card UNO

This is the card I love the most among UNO wild card options in a regular game. You can come up with unique UNO blank wild card ideas and customize the rules of the games. 

You can use these cards to decide the color of cards to be played or other things. However, you can only customize the rules of these cards before the game starts. All players in the game need to be on the same page. 

UNO Shuffle Hands

UNO shuffle hands are unique cards with only one card per deck. Using the card has a step-by-step process, as mentioned below.

  • Place the shuffle hands card at the top of a colored card in the discard pile.
  • Attach the color you have chosen to the card.
  • Now, collect all the cards the players are holding in their hands.
  • Shuffle and distribute the cards to begin the game.

If you are playing the shuffle hands card at the beginning of a game, the player next to you will start the game with the color chosen. 

Wild Draw 2 Cards

Draw 2 cards can be placed on a card of the same color. When you place a draw 2 card, the player next to you will have to draw two extra cards.

Wild Draw 4 Cards

When a player places a wild draw 4 cards, the next player has to draw four extra cards. However, this move can be challenged.

On being challenged and finding faults in card placement, the player placing the wild draw 4 cards will have to draw four cards. 

But if the placement has been done correctly, the next player who challenged the move will have to draw six cards. 

These are the wild cards in a regular UNO game. However, if you are playing the UNO flip game, you will find the UNO flip wild card and wild draw color card. 

Summing Up

The standard UNO wild card in a regular game is worth 50 points, and this card can really be a game-changer as it can be placed on a card of any color.

You can change the color being played with the standard wild card, and the other variations of the wild card customize the game rules, make the next player draw two or four cards, and reshuffle the cards in the hands of the players.

With the necessary ideas about using wild cards in a regular UNO game, your chance of winning in the next game seems bright. So, get your friends and have your UNO moment. Happy gaming!

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