Snapchat Streak Lost? Read This Guide To Restore It!

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Snapchat Streak Lost

I lost my Snap Streak!

If you see a person in public shout out this phrase, it signals danger. It means that their friendship with a virtual friend is coming to an end. Why is it coming to an end? That’s because the person and their friend recently got their Snapchat Streak lost.

But if you are not a teenager or young adult in 2023 and probably don’t even use Snapchat, you might wonder – what is a Snapstreak or a Snapchat Streak? If you use Snapchat and are probably wondering how to regain your lost streaks.

No matter which category you fall under, read this post if you lost your Snapstreak and wish to learn how to get it back.

What Is A Snapchat Streak?

When you frequently communicate with your best friend on Snapchat, sending snaps back and forth daily, you start a Snapstreak. As suggested, a Snapchat streak simply recognizes your friendship with someone – based on your daily back-and-forth snaps with your friend.

When you start a Snapstreak with your friend, you will notice a glowing fire icon next to your friend’s name. This fire emoji will also be highlighted with a number ranging from three to infinity. The combination of this number and the fire emoji represents your Snapstreak.

How To Start A Snapstreak With Your Friend?

To start a Snapstreak with your friend, you must send them a snap daily for three consecutive days. However, doing this for three days won’t get you a Snapstreak.

According to Newton’s Third Lawevery action has an opposite reaction. In the case of Snapstreaks, the same law gets applied. Just because you sent a snap to your friend doesn’t mean you will get a Snap streak. Your friend must do the same for you too!

Therefore, a Snapsytreak will be established with a fire emoji beside your friend’s name only when you send snaps to each other daily for three days consecutively.

Another aspect of Snapstreaks is that you need to send snaps to your friend within a span of 24 hours. Therefore, whenever you send a snap, you must ensure you ship the next one within 24 hours.

Therefore, for example, if you send a snap to your friend this morning at 6, with the subsequent snap the next day at 8 o’clock at night – it will not be considered a daily snap (even though it is). To maintain the Snapstreak, you must send the net snap within 24 hours. Therefore, in this example, you must send the snap by 6 in the morning the next day.

What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat?

Sometimes, when you have a fiery Snapstreak with your friend, the fire can dowse soon. When you are in danger of getting your Snapchat Streak lost, you will get warnings from Snapchat.

Therefore, if you have attained a Snapstreak with a friend and forget to snap for 24 hours, Snapchat will give you a subtle warning that you will get your Snapchat Streak lost. If such a situation arrives, you will see an hourglass icon next to the numbered fire that appears beside the name of your Snapstreak friends.

Can I Get My Snapchat Streak Lost?

Can I get my Snapchat Streak lost? Yes – you can lose all progress of your Snapstreak with your besties if you forget to send a snap. This will happen if you fail to send a snap within 48 hours.

Before you can get your Snapchat Streak lost, you will get a warning from Snapchat HQ. You will understand this if you fail to send a snap in 24 hours to your best friend and see an hourglass icon appearing next to their name. As mentioned above, this means you are about to get your Snapchat Streak lost.

How To Recover From Snapchat Streak Lost?

“I lost my Streak! What do I do now, sitting in Starbucks near me?”

All applications, websites, and video games have bugs, and Snapchat is no different. The same goes for Cintex Wireless as well.

If you get your Snapchat Streak lost but are confident that you and your friend have snapped at each other in 24 hours, there’s only one thing you can do – contact Snapchat Support.

Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do:

  1. First, open your Snapchat application or click on this link.
  2. If you open the Snapchat app, then click on Settings.
  3. After clicking on Settings, navigate to the Support section at the bottom of the page. You will find an option called “I Need Help” – click on it.
  4. Clicking on the option above will take you to the Snapchat Support page. Here, you need to click on the option called “Snap Streaks
  5. Now, you will see various questions. Navigate to the “What if my Snapstreak has gone away, but I know we’ve sent a Snap (not Chat) back and forth within the 24-hour window?” question and click on the Let Us Know option below it.
  6. When the next page opens, click on I Lost My Snapstreak.
  7. You will now be presented with a Snapchat lost streak form you need to fill out. After you have filled it up, Send all the details.

After you do so, wait for Snapchat Support to reply.

How To Maintain My Snapstreak?

If you don’t wish to get your Snapchat Streak lost, here’s what you need to do to keep the fire of your Snapstreak burning bright!

1. Schedule Daily Snaps With Your Friend

Since you fear getting your Snapchat streak lost, just ask your friend to keep on sending random snaps now and then. However, don’t forget to do the same too!

2. Employ A Professional Streaksitter

People who love seeing the flame icon next to their Snapchat friend’s name will do anything to keep the flame burning. If you wish to do the same, then you can employ the help of a professional Streaksitter.

As the name suggests, they are hired to send streaks between two people to keep the flame of friendship burning between them through Snapchat Snap Streaks.

Keep The Flame Of Friendship Burning Through Snap Streaks!

If you got your Snapchat Streak lost even if you sent a snap to your friend, then there’s only one thing that you can do – contact Snapchat Support. Only they can help you out in this manner. You can contact them from the Snapchat app settings or the Snapchat Support website. If you have any queries regarding your Snap Streaks, please contact me in the comment section below!

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