Pokemon Wilds: The Amazing Fan-Made Game You Have Never Heard Of

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Pokemon Wilds

Pokemon Wilds is a fan-made Pokemon game developed by SheerST

Based on the GBC (GameBoy Color) Pokemon games Pokemon Gold and Silver, this game was first released in October 2021. Since then, it has received numerous updates over time to reach the state it is in now. It has been in development since 2018.

Read this post to learn more about the game, its open world, gameplay, and how to download and install it.

What Is Pokemon Wilds?

What Is Pokemon Wilds

In Pokemon Wilds, the standard gameplay formula of the mainline Pokemon games has been altered significantly. Instead of an open-world game where you catch Pokemon, defeat Gym Leaders, and take part in the Championship in the end, Pokemon Wilds eschews all of this for a roguelike approach. 

This is more akin to a Pokemon Survival game with a huge procedurally generated open-world map. After playing this game for some time, the best description of this game would be “Pokemon meets Minecraft.”

This is the best description because, just like Minecraft, the procedurally generated sandbox world will be divided into multiple biomes. Each biome has its own exclusive type of Pokemon, which you need to catch.

The graphics are the same as Pokemon Gold and Silver. Therefore, it’s best not to expect graphics like Atlas Fallen or Starfield. Plus, if you are confused regarding what genre for a video game to choose, choose this game if you like turn-based RPG games!

Pokemon Wilds Story

After playing Pokemon Wilds for around 10 hours, I can confirm that this game has no set story. This game lacks any form of NPCs, and the open world is a barren one devoid of any humans.

Therefore, you only have one objective in this game – capture all the Pokemon in the Pokedex. Currently, Pokemon Wilds multiplayer doesn’t exist. However, the developers have said that they are looking forward to incorporating it in the future.

Pokemon Wilds Gameplay And Features

Pokemon Wilds Gameplay And Features

As I played through and read the Pokemon Wilds Guide, I started unraveling more and more of its unique features. Here’s a list of every feature and gameplay element that I have come across so far.


Unlike the standard mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Wilds has no interconnected open world. There are no unique locations and dungeons to visit, along with no human-populated towns to visit as well. Therefore, gone are the pesky trainers blocking your way!

When you start this game, you start in a random biome filled with similar types of Pokemon. For example, the Tundra biome is filled with all kinds of ice-type Pokemon, while the forest biome is filled with all kinds of grass and bug-type Pokemon.

The Pokemon Wilds biomes that you currently visit and explore are:

  • Beach
  • Deep Forest
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Graveyard
  • Mountain
  • Oasis
  • Pokemon Mansion
  • Ruins
  • Savanna
  • Tundra
  • Volcano
  • Wooded Lake

Just like in the main games, you need to walk over tall grass to find Pokemon hiding in them. You will immediately initiate combat upon contact with them. Plus, the level of Pokemon that you get exploring depends on the average level of your Pokemon team. 

Therefore, expect to get high-level Pokemon (max level 50) if you have a strong team. In addition, you can get evolved versions of Pokemon at higher levels as well!

Field Moves (HMs)

Just like the original Pokemon games, your Pokemon can learn Field Moves (HM) that they can do outside of battle. Here are the field moves that have been added to the game so far:

  • Cut: Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon can use this move to cut trees blocking your way. Cutting trees also adds tree logs to your inventory, which you can use to build buildable, like a house.
  • Smash: Fighting and Rock-type Pokemon can use this move to break boulders blocking your way.
  • Surf: Water-type Pokemon can use this move to help you swim (or surf) over water bodies.
  • Fly: Flying-type Pokemon evolved to their final form and can use this move to fly to different parts of the map. You can also use this to travel to different biomes.
  • Build: Fighting-type Pokemon can use this move to help the player build houses, decorations, and pens.
  • Dig: Ground-type Pokemon can use this move to dig the ground to gather resources for building buildable objects.
  • Flash: Fire-type Pokemon can use this move to light up inflammable torches, typically found in dark dungeons and caves.
  • Headbutt: Normal and Fighting-type Pokemon can use this move to headbutt trees. Doing so can drop berries from them, along with Pokemon that hide in trees!
  • Ride: Some of the larger Pokemon can be ridden to traverse the world faster. You can also hop down and over ledges and fences while riding a Pokemon.
  • Power: Electric-type Pokemon can use this move to power up man-made technology like generators and bulbs.
  • Teleport: You can build and place various teleport beacons all over the world in specific locations. After doing so, your Psychic-type Pokemon can use this move to teleport to them.

Survival Elements

Survival Elements

Similar to rogue-lite video games (like Minecraft), Pokemon Wilds adventure has similar survival elements.

Places like Pokecenters and Pokemalls that heal your Pokemon and help you buy items don’t exist here. Instead, you must craft sleeping bags to rest for some time and heal your Pokemon, a concept borrowed from games like Final Fantasy VI.

In addition, some of your Pokemon get weaker or stronger based on the biome you are in. For example, if you are in the grass biome, you can expect your grass, bug, and poison-type Pokemon to have stat buffs compared to fire, water, ground, and rock-type Pokemon.

Plus, this game has an in-game clock, according to which night and day cycles happen. At night, you are more prone to getting attacked by Ghost-type Pokemon.


One of the more unique additions to Pokemon Wilds is the crafting system. Instead of Pokemalls to buy items from, you must craft them with crating materials. This includes everything from Pokeballs, Berries (for healing and stat buffs), sleeping bags, rare candies, fishing rods, etc.

All of the crafting material can be found in the overworld, along with digging them up. Many can be made using chopped wood (by using the move Cut on trees) and Silk (can be generated using Bug-type Pokemon).

However, the biggest object that you can build is your house. Here, you can build an attached farm alongside it, where you can plant Berries and grow them. You can also rest at your house instead of sleeping bags to heal up.

You can build a house by having a fighting-type Pokemon use the move Build, along with having all its necessary crafting components.

Starter Pokemon And Pokedex

Unlike most Pokemon games, Pokemon Wilds only has one starter Pokemon instead of three – Machop. When you start with this Pokemon, it already has the Field Move Build learned, so you can quickly start crafting.

As your Pokemon takes part in battles, it gains EXP points to level up. Upon reaching certain levels, they will evolve. As they gain higher levels, they will learn new moves automatically. In addition, each Pokemon can have four different moves learned. Learning new moves means forgetting older ones, so choose smartly!

However, some Pokemon in the original games forced you to trade them with other players. This system has been completely removed in favor of using Type-based Stones to evolve them.

So far, the Pokemon Wilds Pokedex has 963 Pokemon from the 1010 created so far. Out of these, there are eight Pokemon Wilds legendary Pokemon, like:

  • Mewtwo
  • Volcarona
  • Registeel
  • Regirock
  • Regice
  • Regidrago
  • Regileki
  • Regigigas

As SheerSt updates the game, more and more legendaries will be made available.

Poke Battles

You can battle Pokemon Wilds wild Pokemon by exploring the maps. Each biome has its own specific set of Pokemon that you can battle and capture.

Regarding the Pokemon Wild battle system, it’s the same as the original Pokemon games. One of your Pokemon and the wild Pokemon take turns to attack. You can also switch out your active Pokemon to another one. At all times, you can have a maximum of six Pokemon in your party.

Unlike the mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Wilds has removed the concept of Power Points (PP) completely. While this limits the number of times a move can be used in battle before a Pokemon needs to heal up, your Pokemon can now use them indefinitely – a change that I liked a lot.

How To Download And Install Pokemon Wilds?

How To Download And Install Pokemon Wilds

Pokemon Wilds is currently in v0.8.8, with its last update arriving in December 2022. Follow the steps below to learn how to download and install this game:

  1. First, enter the official Pokemon Wilds Discord channel and join the group.
  2. Then, head on to the Pokemon Wilds Download text channel to access its Download link.
  3. Click on download and then download the Pokemon Wilds exe file from there.
  4. Install the game by opening the exe file and start playing this game!

Conclusion: Time To Start Your Own Pokemon Wilds Adventure!

Now that you know how to download Pokemon Wilds, it’s time to install it and start your own adventure to Catch em’ All! Let us know in the comments what you like about this game and why you think others should play it as well!

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