Creating A Peaceful Outdoor Oasis In Time For Summer With The Help Of These Top Tips

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published on: 12 April 2023 last updated on: 26 July 2023
Outdoor Oasis

Temperatures are rising, and the evenings are staying lighter for longer.

These minor differences mean one thing, summer is on the horizon. As we step into spring, plans for the summer have already begun.

Of course, spending a week abroad is something many Brits have already considered and booked their places. However, some are preparing to make the most of their summer, enjoying those rare warmer weather days from the comfort of their garden.

Before they can, they want to ensure that their outdoor space is in perfect condition in time for the warmer weather.

For those looking to transform their garden into a peaceful outdoor oasis, here are a few tips to help make that dream a reality just in time for summer.

Update The Fencing

A key element of an outdoor oasis is privacy. Privacy helps to create a peaceful and calming space, knowing that there are no risks of anyone looking at or entering your garden. Tall hedges and trees can help obscure the view and be visually pleasing, especially when spending long hours outside.

However, another way to add privacy is to add fencing or update your current fencing. Fencing can help to create the peaceful oasis you have envisioned for your garden.

If you have old panels, it might be time to replace them with new ones to improve security and look better. Alternatively, you could add a fresh coat of paint to your fences, which can make an instant difference, helping to make the fencing panels look brand new.

Add A Sheltered Seating Area

Creating a closed-off space can provide an area to retreat where you can relax and unwind. You could arrange your garden to create a space to form a seating area for yourself and guests to sit and socialize.

Of course, you will want to invest in a table for beverages and snacks and enough seating, so there is space for everyone.

Something might also want to consider adding is a roof over the seating area. It doesn’t have to cover the whole space, but enough that you and your guests have the option of sitting in a shaded space when enjoying the warmer weather.

To add a roof, it is worth hiring a professional to fit one. Head over to MyBuilder, and search for local roofers. You will be presented with a list of roofers near you to choose from that can help you to bring your designs of a sheltered seating area to life.

Invest In Garden Accessories 

As the evenings draw in and the sun settles, sitting outdoors at night can be a peaceful experience. You will likely want a little bit of light to brighten up the space. Turning on the outdoor light can ruin the calming ambiance that sitting outside at night brings.

Instead, look into investing in a selection of garden lights. These can come in a variety of colors and styles and make the perfect addition to your garden. They can lighten up the space without affecting the peaceful ambiance sitting outside on a warm summer night brings.

During the daytime, another garden accessory that can help to create a calming outdoor oasis is a water feature. For instance, the sound of water running from your waterfall or fountain can be calming – helping to emphasize the tranquil nature of your outdoor space.

If you decide to add a water fountain, consider the placement in your garden. You want it close enough to hear but at a distance so that you can admire it from afar.

Spend Time Planting


If you have no holiday plans to look out at crystal blue waters or postcard picture views, ensure your garden is bursting with colors from flowers in full bloom and divine scents that delight the senses. Spend time visiting garden centers for inspiration, looking at the different plants, and asking for recommendations for your outdoor space.

Flowers and plants can help to create a tranquil space, so planting a selection throughout your garden can bring you one step closer to having that peaceful outdoor oasis. Keep in mind when the ideal time is to plant some of these flowers.

You will want all plants and flowers to be at their peak in the summer. Spend time researching to ensure you know when to plant your flowers. This way, all your flowers, and plants will be ready and in full bloom once summer arrives.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

After implementing one or two of these changes to your garden, you could bring your vision of a peaceful outdoor oasis to life.

When summer finally arrives, you can enjoy the warmer weather season in the comfort of your dream outdoor space. You can soak in the sun’s rays, listen to the nature that surrounds you, and admire the selection of plants and flowers throughout your garden.

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