Is It Ok To Sleep With An Electric Blanket On? [ Completed Guide ]

Sleep With An Electric Blanket

Purchasing an electric blanket to keep yourself warm during winter nights can be a comfortable sleeping guide. These blankets are becoming more and more popular recently, with sales increasing every year.

However, everyone has the same question in their mind – “Are Electric blankets safe?” People have been asking this question if they leave it on overnight. 

If you have this same question, then you are in the right place. Read this guide till the end and learn the answer to this question!

What Is An Electric Blanket?

For generations, people have tried to make their beds warmer. In the Middle Ages, people positioned hot stones near the bottom of mattresses. Bed warmers were increasingly sophisticated and elaborate throughout the Renaissance and Victorian eras. Burning coal from the fire was placed in a metal-covered pan with a long handle and placed inside the bed.

In the midst of several of the beds’ frames, there were also little fire pits. The rubber-and-cloth-covered hot water bottle entered usage in the late 1800s.

The electric blanket was created in the early 1900s. In contrast to how it is currently, it was initially intended to be utilized as a bottom layer. In the 1930s, a cozier variant of the blanket was released, and following World War II, sales soared. 

Electric blankets have had ebbs and flows in demand through the 20th as well as the 21st century as technology has advanced.

How Does An Electric Blanket Work?

The construction of a king size electric blanket is, in fact, more akin to a patchwork than a blanket. They have heat coils between two blankets or strips of cloth that are stitched together to resemble a quilt. Heated blankets are far less likely to cause a fire since they have more robust temperature control and shut-off mechanisms developed over time.

Read this post about when you need to upgrade your mattress to learn when to buy an electric blanket. 

Should You Sleep With An Electric Blanket On?

Even though only 0.4% of all house fires each year are caused by electric blankets, the danger of combustion has decreased, but they are still a source of fires. Care must be used when handling the small cables that provide warmth to the blanket since they are prone to crimping. Overheating, sparks, and flames may result from this.

Insurance companies still view electric blankets as a fire threat. Businesses like State Farm promote no overnight usage and offer safety advice on their websites.

There are additional issues. According to research, continuous electromagnetic wave exposure caused by a blanket might be cancer-causing. Plus, overheating of an electric blanket might force you to learn the steps to put out an electrical fire.

There are connections between cancer risks, issues with childbearing women and men, and lower male fertility. Furthermore, a heated blanket might disrupt sleep and mess with your circadian clock if it gets too warm.

Electric Blanket: Safety Precautions

Electric Blanket Safety Precautions

If you have an electric blanket Walmart and enjoy the benefits of climbing into a warm and snuggly bed, here are some recommendations for keeping things safe.

1. Turn Your Blanket Off After Its Heated Enough

Please don’t keep it on for an extended time or overnight; turn it off when you get into bed and set the alarm.

2. Use It On A Standard Bed

These blankets are best utilized on a standard bed since they must remain flat and wrinkle-free. Use caution when adjusting bed frames or waterbeds, as they increase the risk of blanket damage.

3. Keep It As The Top Layer

An electric blanket twin should only be used as the top layer; don’t pile other blankets or comforters on top or sit or stand on it. When they’re below, they might overheat and cause issues.

4. Keep It Flat Instead Of Curling It Up

A level surface is required for an electric blanket target. The heat coils are preserved in this way. Curling it over you and squeezing it into nooks and crannies might damage the rings inside.

5. Keep Your Pets Off It

Pets can unintentionally harm the coils or the blanket by rolling, wriggling, and scratching. With a heated throw blanket, keep dogs off of beds.

6. Store Your Blanket Safely

Unplug your twin size electric blanket after using it to let it cool. After that, gently fold it to protect the inside wires. Keep out of children’s or pets’ reach when storing.

7. Read The User Manual

The manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions are probably included with your blanket, along with information on how to wash and maintain it. For your blanket to remain safe, abide by the following suggestions.

Electric Blanket Alternatives

If an electric heated blanket does not suit you, you may always warm your bed with a hot water bottle.

There are also temperature-controlled mattress pads, which are more expensive than electric blankets. The bed may be heated or cooled with products from companies like POLER, BedJet, or ChiliPAD. They are not an electromagnetic danger and lack the same electric component as heated blankets.

Try a memory foam mattress topper if you tend to sleep chilly. People who experience nighttime colds can benefit from the heat-trapping properties of memory foam materials. If you want your children to get the best sleep, then you must choose right mattress for your growing kids

Conclusion: You Can, But You Should Not

Keeping an electric blanket on throughout the night might seem like a good idea, especially if you live in cold places like Alaska. However, it’s recommended not to do so.

There are many reasons for this. One reason is that it can potentially overheat, causing skin tan and burns. The second reason is that having electricity surging all around your body doesn’t seem like a great idea, since it can have many health consequences.

Therefore, preheat them, and keep them off while sleeping. Stay safe everyone!

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