Top 6 eCommerce Trends To Follow In 2023 To Be Competitive

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published on: 16 March 2023 last updated on: 28 December 2023
eCommerce Trends

eCommerce companies must adapt as customer expectations change and new strategies and technology emerge. 

To help you get and stay ahead, we’ve compiled a list of eCommerce trends to watch in 2023. 

Best e-commerce Trends To Be One Step Ahead Of Your Competitors

Take a look and see which tactics you may want to use in your own company since this market is moving quickly.

1. Visibility Across Channels


Omnichannel purchasing is a more prevalent ecommerce trend forever these days. In-store shoppers utilized their cell phones 56% of the time to look up items or do product research. This implies that even if a consumer is already at a shop inspecting a product, they still want to be able to do research online. 

In omnichannel retail, unified customer experiences require to develop across all the consumer touchpoints. Phone conversations, internet browsing, and mobile transactions with in-person contacts are a few examples of these touchpoints. 

A consumer may interact with your brand via any or all of those channels prior to making a purchase, and their experience should be consistent. eCommerce application development services will help you with the right organization of interaction.

2. Artificial Reality

Here’s the thing: augmented reality and the digital consumer experience in retail are closely related in the near future. The inability of online shoppers to try on clothing and accessories or accurately see how furniture will appear in their homes before making a purchase has long been one of the main issues for internet retailers. 

Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality may solve this problem by vastly improving the shopping experience. This is the reason AR is counted among the top ecommerce trends.

Customers may preview how products will seem in real life using AR solutions, including how well a garment fits a certain body type, if a couch matches the wallpaper in the living room, how much area a table takes up in the kitchen, and other factors. 

Now, just 1% of merchants provide AR or VR shopping experiences, but this will soon change. Retailers are aware that augmented reality is the future of competition: 40% of customers are willing to pay extra for the chance to personalize items using augmented reality (AR) technologies.

3. Companies Clean House as Environmental Trends Grow

Sustainability was already a top concern for 65% of consumers in 2019, and this feeling will only grow in 2023. 

Consumers are taking a close, hard look at how their purchasing decisions affect the world in the wake of wildfires, discussions about global warming, and growing pollution levels in the oceans brought on by consumerism and trash. 

Recommerce (the selling of used goods) has begun to gather momentum because of this and may become a well-liked shopping option and ecommerce trend in 2023. You must show support for and take action on sustainability programs if you want to keep customer trust moving ahead.

4. DTC As A Business Strategy

. DTC As A Business Strategy

While the direct-to-consumer (DTC) business models are not brand-new ecommerce trends, the epidemic has increased interest in it. In comparison to using third-party platforms, many manufacturers discovered that selling directly to customers was more efficient and lucrative. 

Consider Nike as an example. The company chose to sever its relationship with Amazon in 2019. They are now making direct sales via their own e-commerce website. Nike’s direct sales share climbed to 30% as a result of this action.

5. Learn About Your Market Potential

The online retail industry is very competitive, with both small and major businesses offering different versions of the same goods. Although consumers have more options, company owners may find it challenging, particularly if they are new to the industry. 

You must be aware of competing businesses, goods, or services that might undermine your goals if you want to grow your internet company. 

You may use market research to find out current facts about your industry, your place in the market, how to increase your share, and the potential profits with ecommerce trends.

6. Smoother Experiences While Shopping Online

For food, clothing, medications, and home improvement goods, many internet shoppers continued to rely heavily on physical sources. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 lockdowns forced a significant shift in customer behavior by applying ecommerce trends.

Consumers were forced to purchase practically everything online, including food, clothing, electronics, healthcare, personal care items, gym gear, furniture, home decor, vehicle parts, and more. 

Consumers are also less patient than ever, at the same time. Online buyers desire quicker checkouts, free delivery alternatives, and more seamless online shopping experiences, maybe as a result of the stress of remaining at home.

A Punchout catalog creates smoother experiences while shopping online by integrating directly with the buyer’s environment, offering a familiar and customized interface, incorporating Single Sign-On, ensuring mobile accessibility, providing real-time updates, and streamlining the checkout process. These features collectively contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly online shopping experience, especially in the context of business-to-business (B2B) transactions.


The digital world and ecommerce trends are no exception to the continual changing of trends. If you want to improve your eCommerce company strategy, also boost sales.

Also, you have to adopt one or more of the aforementioned trends. Remember to keep the customer-centric experience in your mind while building your 2023 eCommerce strategy.

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