How To Choose The Perfect Pet Bed For Your Dog?

published on: 24 December 2022 last updated on: 26 December 2022
Pet Bed

Who does not like to have a corner of their own? A pet bed is your dog’s private little space where they do more than just sleep.

It is a place for them to rest and feel comfortable. Dogs are active by nature; they enjoy sniffing, exploring, playing, and chewing your favorite shoes. With an active lifestyle just like humans, it is a great idea to let them have their own little space to recharge their batteries.

Why Is A Good Dog Bed Important?

There is nothing more relaxing than a good night’s sleep. Depending on age, dogs tend to sleep 12-16 hours daily. There are many reasons why a good dog bed is important for your furry friend.

As dog’s age, they risk developing arthritis or other joint issues. To help with these problems, a good dog bed can cushion your pet’s body and relieve the pain associated with age-related problems.

Good dog beds are also easier to clean, which is important because dogs can track in a lot of dirt. Dog beds with removal covers can be washed easily, which helps to keep germs at bay.

Factors You Should Consider While Selecting A Dog Bed

It is not wrong to say that dogs are a man’s best friend and truly deserve happiness.

If you are new to the world of pet beds and are looking to give your furry companion the perfect bed they deserve, scroll down to learn about some factors you should consider before making a choice.

1. Watch your pup’s behavior while sleeping

Some dogs stretch out while sleeping; they would prefer a longer rectangular-sized bed to stay comfortable, while dogs who sleep in a curled-up position might feel warmer in a round-shaped bed. You can check out Paws and Pups, as they provide a large variety of dog bed options.

2. Measure your dog while sleeping

After noticing your dog’s sleeping pattern, it’s best to measure them to get an accurate idea about the size best for them. Pets can refuse to use the bed or develop an unnecessary health issue if they feel uncomfortable enough while sleeping on it.

3. Consider the best material

Avoid compromising on the material of your dog’s bed because that is the first thing they will feel and decide if they love the bed. Just like humans, some pets have sensitive skin, so you must choose one that doesn’t irritate them.

Another important thing is to look for beds with chew-resistant and absorbent material so that they won’t spoil the bed if your pet is not potty trained yet.

4. Different shapes and sizes based on the dog’s preference

All dogs sleep differently. It would be best if you noticed their behavior to buy a bed accordingly. The size of your dog can not always be the sole factor when choosing a bed.

Big pups like to cozy up in a small bed, while smaller breeds can love to sleep stretched on their back like a king; it all depends on their preference.

5. Look for an environment-friendly feature

It is a good idea to opt for an environmentally friendly company that believes in sustainability. It can be icing on the cake if they raise issues to bring awareness about animal rescue and animal rights. It’s the small things that can make a difference.

6. Fits your budget

Dog beds are like an investment in your pup’s long-term comfort, sense of home, and sense of security. Some cheap beds are filled with polyester that falls apart after the first wash, so make an intelligent choice of choosing a quality bed that fits your budget and makes your pet happy.

Once you have the roadmap to follow, picking the right dog bed is not that hard. Dogs need quality sleep to stay healthy and improve their memory which helps them when they are learning new commands.

Dog beds also encourage pets to sleep in their bed, which prevents you from having a disturbed sleep if your pup is tossing or turning in the night.

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