The Best Bitcoin Wallets Of 2022

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Bitcoin Wallets

Crypto wallets are the mandatory stores for your private keys and cryptocurrency, enabling the selling, trading, and buying of crypto tokens. They are the integral crypto traders’ arsenal for validating and protecting crypto-related transactions.

Categorized under cold and hot storage and available as physical or software devices, crypto wallets have existed for roughly 13 years.

What To Know About Bitcoin Wallets

Cyptocurrency digital coin trading and exchange market concept.

Bitcoin wallets have user-friendly interfaces and robust encryption to protect your private and public keys. They come as a USB-like ledger or mobile app, accessed on most devices, PCs and mobile devices included.

Cold Bitcoin wallets operate offline, while hot wallets must connect to the internet. Although hot wallets are easily accessible, they’re more susceptible to hacking. Similarly, cold wallets aren’t as handy but are a bit more secure.

1. Electrum

Electrum is among the industry-leading and oldest bitcoin wallets, developed by Thomas Voegtlin in 2011. Electrum has three key user interfaces, including the command-line, mobile, and desktop, providing a streamlined and robust way to store and trade bitcoins.

The wallet has two-factor authentication and integrates seamlessly with hardware wallets for cold storage.

The Electrum wallet is lightweight and user-friendly and supports fast and smooth transactions. However, like other hot bitcoin wallets, Electrum is not entirely safe.

It would help if you secured your connections by using high-quality proxy servers. An ISP proxy is a go-between IP address that reinforces browsing security and protects your precious tokens against hacking attempts.

2. Mycelium

Mycelium is irrefutably the oldest mobile Bitcoin wallet with an unshakable industry reputation. The mobile-enabled bitcoin wallet supports transactions and trading through iOS and Android devices.

The most indispensable feature of Mycelium is its high-end security feature. Mycelium app is reproducible, meaning it doesn’t entirely rely on the development team.

You won’t have to provide sensitive data such as your ID and financial data to register an account. Mycelium wallet equally supports hardware wallets, making for easy integration with crypto trading platforms.

3. Ledger Nano X

For traders searching for security-reinforced hardware wallets with advanced Bluetooth technology, Ledger Nano X is the way to go. The Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet supports over 5,500 crypto tokens and coins, with bitcoin being the pillar currency of the purse.

Ledger Nano X allows users to invest, trade, buy, and exchange NFTs and cryptocurrencies. It is compatible with almost all crypto trading and exchange apps and platforms. Ledger Nano X is the most innovative and efficient Bluetooth-enabled bitcoin wallet ever invented thus far.

4. ZenGo

ZenGo is the most user-friendly hot wallet providing users total control over their bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

The platform uses industry-leading encryption and robust facial biometrics to protect account owners from the preying eyes of phishing and cybercrime architects. ZenGo is passwordless, a feature that leaves cybercriminals in the dark.

The wallet equally facilitates smooth crypto gaming, De-Fi, dApps, and NFTs. The wallet integrates with WalletConnect protocol, providing secure and straightforward connections to the Web3 world.

ZenGo wallet is available for Android and iOS devices, and setup takes a mere few minutes. Additionally, ZenGo is available in over 188 countries.

5. Exodus

For crypto traders and investors who like the simplicity and seamlessness of desktops, Exodus is the ideal Bitcoin wallet for you. The wallet entered the crypto exchange and trading platform scene in 2015 as the brainchild of Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson.

Exodus crypto account holders can do much with the wallet, including exchanging, sending, and receiving Bitcoin worldwide.

Exodus supports over 200 cryptocurrencies while providing a seamless way to manage digital assets. The customer support is exceptional, while the website design is sleek and easy to navigate.

It integrates with most cold wallets, with Trezor being the most compatible choice. Sadly, Exodus doesn’t have one of the most robust security features. Although it offers 24/7 customer support and two-factor authentication, it is susceptible to hacking.


Bitcoin wallets are hardware or software wallets used as a bridge to streamline crypto transactions and secure traders’ and investors’ earnings.

They’re the tools every crypto trader must add to their arsenal for the safe and seamless storage of their bitcoin.

Understand the features of different bitcoin wallets and the charges for using any crypto wallet before you commit to one. Security is your highest priority.

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