Wednesday, April 14, 2021
News for workers, rebels and the disenfranchised


Voice of Action is the newspaper for the working class. We cover politics, economics, philosophy, labour issues and life from the perspective of ordinary engaged citizens, not the corporate elite and the ruling class.

This publication was founded because democracy has been corrupted to serve the status quo. Corporations have seized control of all mechanisms of power from the mass media to the government.

Unchecked capitalism is a revolutionary and destructive force which is decimating the working and middle classes and now threatens all life on Earth. As we enter a new Great Depression with double digit unemployment, laissez-faire capitalism has been exposed as a cruel ponzi scheme.

We have a once in a century opportunity to challenge our most hardened assumptions about politics and economics, but only if ordinary people unite to build mass movements that can affect existing power structures.

The electoral process is a facade. “Centre-left” political parties around the world from the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to Labour in Britain and the Democrats in the US, were cleaned out of leftist elements decades ago. On economics, foreign policy and national security issues, they are virtually indistinguishable from their opponents on the right.

We have effectively a one party system where we get to choose between the friendly, inclusive form of corporate fascism on the centre-left, or the cruel racist kind peddled by the right. Decisions are made to suit a wealthy minority even if it kills us. We have a moral obligation to rebel.

Other pillars of the liberal establishment including media, univeristies, religious figures and even unions have all wilfully distorted themselves for corporate money, in many cases abandoning the basic liberal values that make a functioning democracy possible. Citizens have been left powerless, and it’s on us to take the power back.

We believe that the mass media is inextricably tied to large corporations through ownership, advertising revenue, funding and of course the need to maintain access to sources for the reporting of the daily news.

Even public broadcasters, which have suffered sustained funding cuts and ideological attacks from right wing governments, have become a propaganda tool for the ruling class, displaying a reluctance to hold the powerful to account or diverge from the dominant narrative.

Working class citizens and their issues have largely been cut out of mass media or portrayed in a negative light. Our biggest newspaper publishers such as News Corp have been transformed into effective political parties, abandoning all semblence of journalistic and liberal values in order to influence rather than inform readers, on behalf of corporations.

We have a system of political paralysis that responds only to the dictates of the corporate elite, not to the needs and rights of the citizenry. As wealth inequality rises and ecological disaster unfolds, the lack of a true left wing is pushing ordinary people towards fascism.

Our political journalists have been found completely wanting, reporting politics as though it’s a football match between personalities, focused more on the game of politics as opposed to policy. They have become mere stenographers of power, pursuing a false idea of “balance” that leaves readers no closer to understanding the truth. Reliant on continual scoops being dropped from both sides, their focus is on keeping sweet with the politicians and their staffers, not speaking truth to power.

Political journalists are so intoxicated with their proximinity to power that they view themselves as part of the ruling elite, and are increasingly disconnected from the issues and experiences affecting ordinary working class people.

As mass media ownership becomes more concentrated and the financially struggling publishers become more reliant on big advertisers for survival, they have shown time and again that when the public interest and corporate interests conflict, their loyalties will always remain with the corporates. This is shown most starkly in the coverage of issues such as climate change and the relentless neoliberal propaganda that pervades all analysis, even as real world evidence continues to prove the bankruptcy of this ideology.

Anyone challenging the primacy of corporate capitalism has been pushed out of organisations traditionally representing working people. Now we are in crisis and lack the radical left movements who can give expression to the suffering of the working class.

Unions, under sustained attack from the ruling elites for decades, have been put in a strait jacket of regulation. With dwindling membership numbers and reluctance to go back to the militancy of yesteryear, they have proved powerless to stop the slide in wages and conditions, despite record growth in worker productivity.

Our political discourse takes the tired old neoliberal shibboleths as a given, with differentiation limited mainly to symbolism, identity politics and other social issues. With politicians reliant on huge fundraising from the donor class and support from media barrons, they’ve proven incapable of even modest reforms in the public interest.

With liberal institutions such as media, unions, academia and even many corporate-funded activist organisations now serving corporate power, citizens have been left powerless even as the existing economic order shows signs of crashing all around us. We have lost a vital safety valve for democracy.

As we continue this rapid slide into oligarchy the power elite need to be terrified of us or nothing is going to change. This is the only way ordinary people have ever won concessions from the plutocrats.

Electoral politics is no longer enough. We need mass movements that muck up the system enough that we can begin to interfere with the mechanisms of power. The rise of racist authoritarian leaders like Donald Trump occurred precisely because the liberal class abandoned working people.

We need to build organisations that protect ourselves from corporate forces that will continue to exploit the ecosystem until it collapses. We must recognise that global capitalism is reconfiguring the world into a neo-feudal society. The systems we’ve set up are not sustainable.

If a revolutionary vision doesn’t come from the left we will continue to see the rise of totalitarianism and corporate fascism from the right. If we remain docile we will watch as global capitalism continues to exploit the human population and the ecosystem until collapse. It may be too late but let’s at least go down fighting for justice.

True correctives to society have always come from social movements that never achieved formal political power. We can’t compete in the language of violence, but revolution will happen if we can appeal to the conscience of the wider public and some within the ruling elite.

Voice of Action aims to help rebuild the left by telling stories that are not being told in the mainstream discourse, giving voice to previously marginalised groups and creating the language and communities that will assist people to fight back against the destruction and cruelty of the corporate state.

Asher Moses