A Brief Guide On Abrasive Blasting

published on: 17 January 2023 last updated on: 03 July 2023
Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting modifies the surface by exerting pressure and fast throughput on an abrasive material as it is pushed at a surface. It is vital to explore what is abrasive blasting and unveil its types to make sure that you pick the perfect fit.

Abrasive blasting is commonly used to remove the previously contaminated material, roughen smooth surfaces, and smoothen rough surface conditions.

Various techniques are used in abrasive blasting, some of which can generate mild effects while others can generate dangerous ones. Common choices for abrasive blasting include blast media that is mechanically slung by a centrifugal wheel blast or blast media that is air compressor pushed. Many standard blast media are used in blasting operations and how the material is propelled.

Types Of Abrasive Blasting

1. Blasting With Compressed Air

Photo female worker surface corrosion plate preparation by sand blasting

The most prevalent kind of abrasive blasting is air compressor blasting. Compressed air blasting utilizes the force of the compressed air to drive blast media into the air, where it is directed to a surface to scrub or contour it, depending on whether you are using a blast cabinet or a blast pot.

Compressed air blasting is simple and efficient when it is necessary to remove weld spatter and other undesirable contaminants like rust from a product’s surface.

2. Wet Blasting

Male worker sand blasting process cleaning pipeline surface

Wet blasting is similar to compressed air blasting, including water in the blast media and air in conjunction with the compressed air. Watery discharge has a few advantages over compressed air blasting, but its main benefit is its capability to eliminate surface insemination issues and decrease dust from sandblasting.

It also cleans rapidly and reduces the impact of the blast media on the surface. However, it can frequently be slower than conventional air blasting since the blast media strikes the area with less force.

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3. Blasting Beads    

Photo male worker surface corrosion plate preparation by sandblasting bounce off of tank top deckGlass or plastic beads are employed as a blast medium in bead blasting to hit a surface. Bead blasting is commonly used to exfoliate coatings or moderate corrosion. It is done with substrates where there is apprehension that an aggressive blast media, such as sand or steel grit, will influence the product’s surface unfavorably.

4. Wheel Blasting

Electric wheel grinding on steel structure

Contrasting to other methods of blasting, which utilize the air pressure from the compressors, wheel blasting or centrifugal blasting, utilizes a mechanical swinging arm to drive media at a fast rate. Recyclable blast media, including steel blast media, are typically used with wheel blasters.

For delicate surfaces, such as polishing plastic or rubber, plastic beads can be used in a wheel blast inside a cryogenic chamber for specific applications. The size of the wheel blaster you want will depend on the size of the product, and larger wheels cost additional.

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5. Automated Abrasive Blasting

Photo male worker surface corrosion plate preparation by sandblasting bounce off of tank top deck

If you are wondering what is abrasive blasting used for, it is essential to consider its adequate cleaning power. The deployment of robotics to control the blasting of huge machinery items illustrates how controlled abrasive blasting can be used.

The homogeneity of the sections that will be blasted, the number of items scheduled to be discharged at a specific time, and the planned results of the blast profile are the key factors that need to be considered when thinking about automation abrasive blasting.


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